Nativity Activity Printable Craft

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This nativity printable activity came about when I was looking for a simple Christmas craft for Sunday School. I’d found one, set it aside, and lost it. I finally just gave up and made my own!

This nativity printable craft activity is perfect for a variety of ages because it comes with two different versions. The first is a simple nativity coloring page. You can just download it, print it out, and you’re ready to go.

free nativity printables text printed over nativity craft cut out images

The coloring page version is the one I’ll use with my toddler this year. I’ve never given him scissors before and I’m not about to start now!

Nativity Printable Craft Activity page with Holy family for preschool
This is the simple coloring version of the nativity activity for preschool students. It’s all black and white (the picture may appear off-white on the website, but it isn’t).

The second version / second page of the nativity printable is a cut-and-paste nativity craft. Rather than having the Holy Family, wise men, animals, etc. preplaced, as they are in the coloring sheet, students will do that for themselves.

This is the version I plan to use with my three older boys (kindergarten, third grade, and fifth grade).

Here’s a small, low-resolution picture of the cut-and-paste craft. To download the full, high-resolution file, continue to the bottom of this post.

Nativity Printable Activity for preschoolers for Christmas Craft
The printable is all black and white (the picture may appear off-white on the website, but it isn’t when downloaded/printed).

The nativity stable is printed on the top portion of the page. The people and animals for the nativity craft are printed below a dashed line.

Students will cut out the figures and glue them wherever they’d like in the scene.

Stuents may color the nativity figures before or after. However, I find it easiest for students to color before cutting them out.

The paper is more stable for little hands when it’s all in one piece. Of course, if the students are older, the order matters less.

Can I use both nativity activities with the same students at the same time?

You can, but I wouldn’t. The nativity coloring page is essentially the same as the nativity cut-out craft, just larger. Students don’t really gain much from doing both in one sitting.

That said, if you’re planning to do the nativity cut and paste craft, it’s never a bad idea to print a few extras of the coloring page to have on hand as well.

Some students may lack the fine motor control for scissors. In that case, you can pivot and hand them the coloring page version instead.

How do I download my nativity printable craft?

I have a resource library available for people on my email list. It includes a variety of kid-friendly printables (including many for Christmas). However, you don’t have to join my list to access this nativity printable.

Simply click this link and it will direct you to the file’s location in my Google Drive. You can then download the pdf.

The rules are simple: please don’t share or reproduce this file. If someone else would like a copy, please direct them to my website. I’m happy to provide free content when I can, but I offset my costs with ads and website traffic. Thank you!

I hope your children – whether your own or in your classroom – enjoy this nativity craft!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

PS: If you’re looking for other Christ-centered Christmas activities, these kid-friendly printable Christmas Bible verses have been a big hit with Sunday school classes over the past few years.

They come in black and white and color versions and can be used as printables or a cut-and-paste activity.

PPS: If you’re looking for more general educational Christmas activities for preschool and early elementary students, I have this fun Christmas Activity Mega Pack that covers math, language arts, science, fine motor, and more!

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