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Christmas Bible verses for kids are the perfect way to focus on Jesus this Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas with kids is such a magical experience. There’s the decorations, the music, the treats, and everything Santa!

But how do you keep your kids’ focus on the spiritual significance of Christmas when they’re constantly bombarded by gifts and the man in the red suit?

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Practicing and memorizing Christmas Bible verses for kids is a great way to make sure that all the fun and festivities doesn’t overshadow the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

My kids practice Christmas Bible verses at church in Sunday School and they practice them at preschool, but it’s important that we reinforce those teachings at home. I’d love to say that this comes easily to me, but in the chaos of raising three little boys (and being pregnant with another boy), it’s hard for me to be intentional about things like this without a physical reminder.

That’s why I love these little printable Christmas Bible verses. They are cute, simple, and a great way to integrate scripture into the Christmas season. Combined with some of these special, candy-free Advent calendar activities I do with my kids, I feel like I’m setting the right tone for Christmas in our house.

These little Christmas Bible verses for kids printables are versatile. One version comes in full-color and the other version is black-and-white. Both are free to download (the download instructions are at the bottom of this post).

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How to Utilize the Christmas Bible Verses for Kids Printable

The obvious purpose of the Christmas Bible Verses printable is to help kids memorize the Bible verses that relate to the Christmas season.

Still, there’s several different ways you can go about this:

Christmas Bible Verses for Kids Coloring Activity

First, you can use them as a simple Christmas coloring activity (if you download and print out the black-and-white version). This is great for parochial schools, a Sunday School activity, or just an activity to do at home with your kids.

Once they’re colored in, kids who can read independently can read and practice the Christmas Bible verses by themselves. If your kids are not yet reading, or are not reading comfortably, you can read the verses for them.

For readers and non-readers alike, Bible verse memorization activities tend to be more enjoyable for the kids when an adult helps “quiz” them.

Christmas Bible Verses for Kids Cutting Activity

You can also treat this as an opportunity for kids to practice their cutting skills (with either the black-and-white or the full-color version of the printable). Watch kids carefully if you select this activity. My kids have these easy safety scissors (which I love!) and while they’ve never managed to hurt themselves, they have managed to cut holes in their shirts–more than once. Delightful!

Once the kids have cut out the Christmas Bible verses, they can keep them in an envelope or ziplock bag for when they’re ready to practice memorizing them — or, you can put them onto a binder ring (see the next section for details).

Christmas Bible Verses for Kids Memorization Rings

My preferred way to do Bible verses with kids is to cut them out (whether that’s you doing the cutting or letting the kids cut). Then put them onto a binder ring for safekeeping. This is an easy way to keep all the verses together and the kids can flip through as many or as few as they want at a time.

You can do this with a plain paper version, but kids are rough and they tend not to last. I prefer to laminate them, punch a hole in the top, and then put them onto the binder ring.

The laminating keeps the individual Bible verses from getting wrinkled and ruined and the binder ring keeps them all in one handy little place. If you don’t have a laminator, you could use contact paper or, if you’re really in a pinch, you can use packing tape as a make-shift laminator.

*If you’re in the market for a reasonably-priced laminator, I have this one and I LOVE IT. It’s always relatively affordable and it’s incredibly easy to use. You just plug it in, put your paper in the plastic envelope, and send it through the laminator — done! Plus, the laminator and accessories can all ship via Amazon Prime, so you don’t have to wait long (or go anywhere — a huge win for me these days).

How to Access Your Christmas Bible Verses

To download and print your copies of the Christmas Bible Verses, simply visit the password-protected Resource Library (if you’ve already signed up for free access). If you haven’t signed up for access yet, you can do so (for free) by clicking here.

(The image you see below is a lower-resolution thumbnail for website speed; the ones in the Resource Library are the high-resolution versions best for printing).

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Of course, if you’reĀ really on top of things, you could also check out these Easter Egg Bible Verses for Kids Printable too.

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    1. Hi Heather,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. My kids love any activity they can cut out — so these Christmas Bible Verses are sure to be a hit (at least with the older two –I don’t love the idea of giving scissors to the two-year-old!).


    1. Hi Denise,

      Thank you! Yes, the little metal rings are great for making sure the Bible Verses don’t get lost. Plus, my oldest loves to have things in “collections” — so I use the metal rings for chore lists and stuff like that, in addition to Bible verses.


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