Valentine’s Day is all about love!

Last year, I put together a Valentine’s Day printable with Bible verses about love for my kids to use and memorize. A lot of people told me they used it for their Sunday school classes, so this year, I decided to make something different for everyone.

Free Valentine's Day Bible Coloring Pages text with two coloring sheets printed over hearts.

These free Valentine’s Day coloring pages for Sunday School are simple.

The first coloring page features some text from 1 Corinthians and a giant heart. There’s also a picture of Jesus hugging a lamb, which is perfect for so many reasons.

You can see a low-resolution of the image below.

Jesus is love bible coloring page for Valentine's Day with 1 Corinthians text

The second free Valentine’s Day Bible coloring page says, “Jesus is love” with a picture of hearts and Jesus. The larger spaces on this coloring sheet should make it relatively easy for little hands.

Again, you can see a low-resolution image below.

love is patient and kind bible coloring page for Valentine's Day
A lot of my printables require you to join my email list and log in to the Resource Library. These Sunday School coloring pages are pretty simple, so it’s different.

All you need to do is click here and you’ll be prompted to download a copy from my Google drive.

You can save it, print it, and photocopy it for your students as you desire.
(Unlike the images of the coloring pages you see in this post, the file you’ll download is a full-scale, high-quality pdf.)

My only requests are that you don’t post it online or attempt to resell it somewhere.
(You’d think that all goes without saying but… I’ve seen some crazy things since I entered the world of online product creation).

I hope your children or your students enjoy these Valentine’s Day Bible coloring pages!

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