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With the holidays in full swing, I’ve been looking for fun and educational Christmas Activities for my preschool son. I started creating an activity or two at a time. By the time I was finished, I had a boatload of Christmas activities.

These Christmas activities are really targeted for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. With that said, young learners vary widely in their abilities. Depending on your child’s age and current skills, some of these Christmas activities might be perfect for independent learning. Other activities might be better suited for work with a partner or help from an adult.

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What materials do I need to use these Christmas Activities for preschool or kindergarten?

Once you download the packet, for the most part, all you will need to complete these activities is a functioning printer. I prefer to print in color, but the entire packet can easily be printed in black and white. The borders used are festive, but don’t use an excessive amount of color so they are budget-friendly and still look nice either way.

There are two activities that do require a few additional supplies:

1 – The Candy Cane Science & Gingerbread Science Activities require a candy cane and gingerbread (shocking, I know).

Preview of Candy Cane and Gingerbread Christmas Science Activities

2 – The Christmas Wreath Fine Motor Activity requires little round, peppermint candies (the kind you often see at restaurants for after a meal). The activity can also be used with tweezers or tongs of some sort. If you don’t have those, your child can just use their fingers.

I’ve done this activity with my preschooler, first grade, and third grade student by having my preschooler use just his fingers to place the peppermints on the wreath. After a few tries, I then graduated him to using tweezers/tongs. For my older boys, they started with the tweezers and I had them race to complete it in the fastest time.

For all the other activities, your kids will just need a pencil and/or coloring materials.

What’s included in the Christmas Activity Pack?

Here is a complete listing of what’s included in the Christmas Activity Packet. The packet also includes a thorough annotated table of contents to give you some ideas and suggestions for the best ways to use these Christmas activities with your kids at home or students in the classroom (images below).

Table of Contents for the Christmas activity preschool packet page 1

Table of Contents for the Christmas activity preschool packet

*Two Christmas Science Observation Activities – A lot of adults struggle to introduce basic scientific concepts to students. These activities are great for demonstrating qualitative observation concepts in a concrete, age-appropriate way. Bonus points for the holiday-themed fun and tasting involved.

*Christmas Advent Math & Coloring Activity – Multiple versions (one for counting, two for addition, two for subtraction). Again, you can assign specific sheets to specific students based on their current skills or every student can try each worksheet with you providing the necessary scaffolding (partner assistance, help from the parent/teacher, etc.)

Christmas tree advent coloring preschool math worksheet previews

*Three Christmas Math Worksheets – 1 Counting, 1 Addition, and 1 Subtraction. You can assign them based on current skill level or you can complete all of them at different times, providing the scaffolding necessary for your students’ whose skills aren’t as advanced. For my preschooler, he can do the counting easily and the addition and subtraction with a little help. The latter two are great practice for Kindergarten, which is when my district introduces both of those concepts.

*Christmas Ten Frames – Ten ten-frames (1-10) completed with Christmas icons (for students who still struggle with number sense) and ten ten-frames (1-10) blank for students to fill in. My preschooler really likes completing these with mini-erasers or a dry erase marker.

Preschool Christmas Activity Math Ten Frames Image

*Christmas Writing Activity: What Happens Next? – Most preschoolers won’t be able to write these predictions themselves, but it’s great for a discussion activity. Kindergarten and first grade students can write their own responses (remember to encourage them to sound it out and do their best to write phonetically; don’t direct them how to spell).

*Christmas Word Formation Activity – Some preschoolers will be able to write this themselves, others will do better with adult guidance. For kindergarten and first grade students who are learning about or have learned about word families (hat, pat, etc.), this is a great activity to reinforce that.

*Three Christmas Code-Breaking Activities – This is a fun activity for Kindergarten and older. It’s generally too advanced for preschoolers to do alone, but they can do it with help. It’s good to let your preschool student identify the correct image (“look and find”), but you will probably want to enter the corresponding letter for them.

Decode the Secret Christmas Message Activity

*Three Christmas Coloring Sheets – Fine Motor Practice

*Christmas Peppermint Placement Activity – Fine Motor Practice – see previous section for explanation.

  Christmas counting activity for preschool preview image


Click here to grab your Christmas Activities Pack!

If you’re a teacher, you may photocopy your purchase for use with all of your students, now and in the future. (*I just ask that you don’t sell it or share the file with other people besides your own kids/students.) If you’d like to purchase a license for an entire department or school, please email me ([email protected]).


If you’re looking for other fun and educational Christmas resources, be sure to check out my Christmas Bingo Games and Christmas Lights Scavenger hunts.

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