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It’s no secret that I love holidays and I love memes. In fact, my hilarious Christmas memes post may be my #1 achievement on this blog. But that means this post is right behind, because Halloween is my second-favorite holiday and these funny Halloween memes are (chef’s kiss) perfection!

The first Halloween memes go out to everyone who, like me, spend the year waiting for October’s arrival.

funny meme about october 1 pumpkin head

What I love about the following Halloween meme is the mask. Maybe I look presentable underneath, maybe I don’t… nobody has to know! I could see definite potential in wearing this to the bus stop every October morning…

Of course, there are some people who aren’t exactly excited for Halloween, per se.

They’re more excited about what comes next. As in December.

In our house, my husband would absolutely put up the tree this early, no booze required!

Halloween is definitely fun, but for parents, the costume part can be hard work, as this meme so aptly illustrates.

Halloween is really what you make of it, and these Halloween memes remind us that Halloween décor comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some people go all out on the decorations, as @the_pumpkin_queen points out in this meme:

meme about spending money on halloween decorations

Some people have a more *ahem* unique take on Halloween decor…

funny halloween meme decor

And some people have a decidedly lazy minimalist approach.

Halloween is known for spookiness, but these memes remind us that some things are scarier than witches and goblins.

Of course, there are things scarier than kids asking you about the birds and the bees during family movie time.

Like the ghost described here by @ambernoelle

One of the best things about Halloween for parents is stealing candy from their kids.

Oh, I’m sorry, I’m told the politically correct term is “candy tax.”

funny halloween meme about parents taking candy

Of course, not every parent takes their child’s Halloween candy. Or I guess I should say: not every parent admits it…

hilarious halloween meme about parents and kids candy

And these sad – but true – but funny Halloween memes remind us that it’s not all fun and games for parents.

When there are late bedtimes and excessive sugar, well… someone has to pay for that.

funny parents halloween recovery kit

(Spoiler alert: that someone is you, Mom and Dad. And teachers.)

There’s also the sibling trading-brawling-manipulating that comes along with all the Halloween candy.

Sure, Halloween comes with a few challenges, but it really is the (second) most wonderful time of the year! There’s only one real downside, and that doesn’t come until it’s over:

I’m sure someone, somewhere still loves that song. But that someone isn’t me.

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