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Toddlers are amazingly hilarious little people. Nothing is more hysterical, adorable, and frustrating –all at the same time — than a toddler. And these funny toddler memes?

They’re JUST what you need if you’re currently on –or have EVER been on– the wild ride that is the toddler years.

These toddler memes remind us: You can’t leave them alone, not even for a second.

At least, not if you value your home.

relatable toddler meme of toddler standing in paint

You turn your head for an instant and they’re off to the races.

funny meme about toddler running away

Ever noticed that moms don’t respond to their texts? Yeah, this is why. They’re too busy in hypervigilance mode ensuring their toddler doesn’t destroy everything in sight.

funny meme about active toddler

And if you think toddlerproofing your home is the answer, spoiler alert – there’s no such thing…

funny tweet about toddler sleep

Plus, even if you do successfully supervise your toddler, they’ll somehow manage to injure themselves anyway.

On the bright side, at least they bounce back quickly.

funny toddler meme about being resilient

Toddlers are hilariously and painfully honest, as these memes show.

funny toddler meme about honesty and loving dad

Gee, thanks kid…

Next, add a little bit of savagery to that honesty.

Toddler tweet that sounds menacing

Let’s not forget the commentary on our appearance.

funny toddler meme about honesty

And sometimes, well… sometimes all the love and kindness in the world isn’t enough to win over a toddler who’s having a variety of tantrums.

mean toddler meme

But don’t worry. After a few minutes or hours, your sweet toddler will return. He (or she) will act completely unaware of the downright insanity they unleashed.

Funny but sad but true memes about toddler independence

Toddlers are infamous for doing it themselves, even if it costs you days, maybe even months, of your life.

old mom waiting for toddler to do it independently

You also get the pleasure of cleaning up after their independent endeavors, as The Dad illustrates in this meme.

But there are some upsides to toddlers’ newfound independence skills. They can now dress themselves. Which is… mostly positive…

Toddler memes about getting dressed
Credit: Marvelous Mrs. Mom

And your toddler is remarkably close to being able to function as your household’s tech support. No matter how many daily activities you plan for your toddler, they all become screen masters one way or another.

hilarious meme about toddlers and screens

Even better, your toddler can now tattle on their siblings. And sometimes the household really needs another narc to keep the bigger ones in line.

funny tweet about toddlers talking
Credit: Cydni Beer

But don’t get too excited. That independence CLEARLY doesn’t extend to peaceful, nighttime sleep

picture of stewey from Family Guy in his crib

What’s more unfair than the interrupted sleep they deliver to parents, is that toddlers just never seem tired. They wake up at the crack of dawn wide awake and ready to terrorize.

There should be an energy drink named 6 am toddler

If you’re white-knuckling it through the toddler years, all I can offer you is these hilarious toddler memes and a giant solidarity fist bump. We’re on our fourth go-around through the toddler stage with our youngest and it’s still every bit as hysterical and maddening as the previous three times.

When I’m at the very end of my patience with my toddler, I try to think about this meme

And sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly sarcastic, I call this meme from @Dadmann_walking to mind:

funny meme about toddlers not getting better

Stay strong, friends!

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