Christmas I Spy Printable search and find activity for kids text pictured with the printable sheet

If there’s something every single member of my household absolutely loves, it’s Christmas! As such, we take every possible activity we can think of during November and December and find a way to make it Christmas-y. That’s where this Christmas I-Spy Activity Printable idea came from.

Christmas I Spy Activity Text over a printed paper version of the look and find with a hand
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My kids love playing I Spy (or Eye Spy, or however you’re technically supposed to write it…). I created a Halloween I Spy Printable last year that all of my kids really enjoyed. I laminated it, saved it, and dragged it back out again this year.

And guess what? It was still just as popular!

(Okay fine, the 9-year-old was less enthused this year, but whatever. We’re hitting the pre-teen phase a little early with that one. The 7- and 4-year-olds were still pumped about it!)

Once I realized how much staying power this little activity had, I decided to make a Christmas I Spy printable version as well.

What age group is this I Spy Activity a good fit for?

My kids have enjoyed this activity from about age three through eight. (As I mentioned, my nine-year-old fourth-grader is just finally on the fence about it this year.) I’d say the ideal age target for this Christmas I Spy printable is preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

But of course, you know your child or student best. It’s free to download, so you can go ahead and give it a shot and see how it goes. If the I Spy activity is too easy or too complicated, you wasted about 30 seconds downloading it and exactly zero dollars.

How to use this Christmas I Spy Activity in the Classroom

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If you’re using this at home, it’s easy. Just print and give it to your kid(s).

If you want to use this in the classroom, you can print one for each student or you can use it as one of several Christmas-themed activities. (I do have a great Christmas-themed literacy packet of activities that’s ideal for Preschool – 2nd grade, if you’re looking for more center ideas or individual activity worksheets).

If you’re using it in the classroom, or you’re using it at home and would like to reuse the same copy, I highly recommend laminating it. You will save so much on ink this way! (This is especially true if you’re printing in color – that stuff doesn’t come cheap!)

In my house, I print one copy, laminate it, and let them take turns with it using a dry-erase marker. Then I can wipe it clean between each kid and again before we put it away with the decorations for next year.

If you don’t have a laminator already, I recommend this one from Amazon all the time. I’ve had it for … I can’t remember exactly, but at least six years now. (They’ve since updated its appearance slightly over the years, but it’s still the same one). It’s also survived some foolishness on my part (it involved a glue mishap and me sticking a butter knife down into its rollers), so its durability is pretty solid

Downloading your free Christmas Search and Find 

The version of the search and find pictured below is a small, low-resolution copy for website speed. It won’t look nice blown up and printed out. To download your free, high-resolution copy, and enter your email. The download link will be sent to you.

Christmas Look and Find Activity Sheet

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