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Scavenger hunts are great fun for kids — and Christmas is about as fun as it gets. Combine the two into a Christmas Scavenger Hunt and you’ve got a perfect Christmas activity for kids.

The great thing about Christmas scavenger hunts is that there are so many possibilities for things you can put on the list. My Christmas scavenger hunt printable includes thirteen items that nearly every family celebrating Christmas would have around their home, in one form or another. Once your kids have gone through all the items on my list, feel free to think up more!

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My kids *love* scavenger hunts and are frequently asking us to make up ones for them. I created a similar scavenger hunt printable for Halloween and we did it over and over, in several different neighborhoods for variety.

The items on this Christmas scavenger hunt list are relatively vague to allow for maximum flexibility. For example, the list only says “gingerbread,” rather than gingerbread man or house. You might not have a gingerbread house or cookie lying around, but you might have a gingerbread man in a book.

Along those lines, you might not have mistletoe hung, but there may be mistletoe pictured on a stocking or Christmas ornament. The creativity involved is part of the fun (and makes the scavenger hunt last longer). I rarely accept an incomplete scavenger hunt list (along with an “I can’t find it” response) from my kids.

With everything going on this year, we’ve really tried to amp up the fun around each and every holiday, and Christmas is just the best of them all. We are taking every excuse to celebrate and have fun, and these Christmas scavenger hunts hit the spot!

How to get your copy of the Christmas Scavenger Hunt Printable


Christmas scavenger hunts for kids printables list

I included three versions in the file posted in the Resource Library –one with the full-sized Christmas Scavenger Hunt list, another with two-to-a-page, and a third with two-to-a-page and no blue background. I find that printers can be a little finicky with their settings and printable areas/margins. Hopefully, this will give you more options to print the version that works best for your family.


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