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My kids (a preschooler and two elementary schoolers) LOVE playing I-Spy.  “I spy with my little eye, something… ORANGE!” 

They also love the Eye Spy / Look-and-find books. Starting around age two, these activities have been popular in our house. My oldest is eight and he’s still very much into them, with no end in sight.

We are really getting excited for Halloween around here. After the mess of the last six months, and with school starting all-virtual here, we’re really craving any fall normalcy we can create. As such, we’re probably going to start celebrating Halloween within the next week or two.

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Ways to Use your I Spy Halloween Activity

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I plan to print this Halloween Look and Find full-sized and in color. Then, I’ll laminate it with my favorite laminator so my kids can do it with dry-erase markers. This way, I can use one sheet of paper for all three kids. When they’re done, I’ll put it back in with my Halloween supplies so I can bring it out again next year (for many years, with all the boys I have in this house haha).

If you’re using this in a preschool or elementary classroom, I’d laminate a few color copies so you can use it for one of your centers or as a partner/group activity with dry erase markers. Then you can reuse it as many times as you want without wasting ink.

If you want each student to have a copy, which is great to fill a little extra time or to keep a full class occupied while you’re working with individual students, I’d print it in black and white. (I didn’t include any background color on the graphic for this reason.)

Downloading your free Halloween printable

To download your free, high-resolution copy of the Halloween I Spy Printable pictured below, simply visit the password-protected Resource Library (if you’ve already signed up for free access).

If you haven’t signed up for access yet, you can do so (for free) by .Halloween I Spy Holiday Activity Picture resize

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