Thanksgiving pattern practice words with scissors and turkey

Learning exclusively at home has been our reality for the past 8 months, so I’ve really doubled down on creating materials for my preschooler. These Thanksgiving pattern worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students came largely out of the need to entertain my preschool son (and teach him something!) while my older kids were Zooming with their classmates. 

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These Thanksgiving Pattern practice worksheets are a fun way to integrate early math skills and fine motor skills. With these picture pattern worksheets, your preschooler or kindergartner will need to figure out what picture comes next to complete the pattern. Then, once they’ve successfully identified the next picture in the pattern, they will cut it out and glue it into place. 

AB Pattern Practice and ABC Pattern Practice

There are two main types of patterns that preschool and kindergarten students focus on — AB patterns and ABC patterns. These picture pattern worksheets address both. There are five unique Thanksgiving pattern worksheets for AB patterns and five for ABC patterns (for a total of ten different pattern worksheets). All of the picture patterns have festive Thanksgiving icons to incorporate holiday fun into the pattern practice. 

Cut and Paste = Fine Motor Control

Fine motor skills — including scissor and glue skills — are an essential part of early learning. Some preschoolers naturally excel in this area, but even those students will benefit from additional cutting practice. These pattern practice worksheets are a fun way to integrate Thanksgiving festivities into preschool and kindergarten fine motor practice.

Even though my first grader mastered pattern practice a few years ago, I’ve been giving these activities to him as well because his fine motor control is still pretty sub-par. He doesn’t mind doing the cut and paste practice with our preschooler (and our preschooler LOVES that he’s doing the same thing as his big brother). 

For the record, my third grader wants nothing to do with this activity, so it definitely has a limited, targeted shelf life. These cut and paste pattern practice worksheets are really ideal for preschool and kindergartners, and a great review for many first graders. After that… nope.

How do I get the Pattern Practice Worksheets for my Preschooler or Kindergartner?

You can grab one of the AB pattern practice worksheets (pictured below) for free in our resource library. If you haven’t already signed up for that, you can do so by

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Grab this Thanksgiving pattern practice worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten student by going to the Resource Library

To get the other nine pattern practice worksheets, just click the link below. I’ve made them super cheap ($2.50) so that cost hopefully won’t be an obstacle for parents or teachers. Once you’ve downloaded your file, it’s yours to keep and reuse — I just ask that you don’t sell it or share the file with other people.

The downloaded bundle actually includes 20 pages because there’s the ten pattern worksheets with the full-color background, plus ten with a more muted border-background for more ink-friendly printing (especially if you choose to print in black and white). 

Grab Your Thanksgiving Pattern Practice Bundle Here!

I hope you and your child / students enjoy the patterning practice! Happy Thanksgiving!

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