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Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is such a timeless Christmas tradition that’s fun for all ages. Since we have a pretty big family, we’re big on activities the whole family can enjoy together. This Christmas lights scavenger hunt list printable allows us to milk just a little more fun and time out of something we already enjoy doing.

In our house, we like to put the boys in their pajamas and fill up their sippies and water bottles with hot (well, warm) chocolate. Then we put on the Christmas music and drive around looking at all the beautiful displays of Christmas lights in the neighborhoods around us.

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This year, in addition to our regular plans, I’m also giving each kid a copy of this Christmas lights scavenger hunt list printable. As we drive around, I’m going to tell the boys to see how many of the boxes they can check off before we drive home again.

We have these little mini-clipboards which are perfect for holding the scavenger hunt lists in the car and allowing the boys to check off their finds easily. (I’ll probably print mine two-to-a-page so they’ll fit on the mini clipboards and save ink — but we also have 5327458 of these full-sized clipboards around here too. For some reason, the boys enjoy everything more when it’s stuck to a clipboard.)

My boys are at an age where simply trying to check off as many items on the scavenger hunt list as possible will be sufficient. If your kids are a little older, you may want to turn it into a friendly family competition. You could offer bragging rights or an actual prize for the winner.

Prizes we’ll probably use in the near future include choosing the Christmas movie that night, extra Christmas candy, etc. When they’re even older, we might up the ante on the prizes, but that remains to be seen. For now, turning our Christmas lights scavenger hunt into a cut-throat competition seems like a surefire way for my oldest two to fight and/or cry. We’ll stick to marking off our checklists together for the time being.

How to get your copy of the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt List Printable


I included two files in the Resource Library –one with the full-sized Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt list and another with two-to-a-page. I find that printers can be a little finicky with their settings and printable areas/margins. Hopefully, this will give you more options to print the version that works best for your family.


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In addition to driving around and looking at Christmas lights, this activity is also great for walking around your neighborhood. Every year, we get an abnormally warm day or two in December. I like to use those days for checking out the neighborhood Christmas lights on foot. Of course, if you’re not a weather wimp like I am, you can go any night, regardless of the temperature.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting!

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