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To My Last Baby,

We’re in the final weeks before we’ll finally meet face-to-face. For most of this rough pregnancy, it seemed like this point would never get here, yet here it is.

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These last weeks look a lot different than they did with your older siblings. With them, there was still a great deal of prep work and purchasing. With you, my last baby (and fourth boy!), we already have pretty much all we need. 

With your siblings, there was more time. Time to sit and think, time for daydreaming about what they might look like or what they might be like.

With you, our house operates at full chaos 90% of the time (the other 10% of the time, we’re all asleep). I think about you in tiny spurts here and there, between soccer practices, homework, and cries of “I need to go potty!

With your siblings, I spent time — oh so much time — wondering when they’d arrive. It’s pretty much all I thought about for the entire ninth month. By weeks 37 and 38, I was asking myself at least ten times per day whether this could be it. Was that twinge the start of real labor?

With you, it seems I’ll get around to thinking about it when my water finally breaks or your induction date arrives (side-eye to you, gestational diabetes).

The fact is, so much about my pregnancy with you, my last baby, is so different from your siblings. But I want you to know that some things remain unchanged.

So, my darling last baby, if you ever find yourself wondering, let me be clear:

I am every bit as thrilled to meet you as I was to meet each of your siblings. The excitement isn’t something that wanes simply because you’ve had other kids. It is a wonder that is simply unmatched.

I feel just as blessed to carry you and call you ours as I was each time before. You are just as much a divinely-formed miracle.

I am just as happy to be your mom, just as overjoyed at the gift you are to us.

I am just as anxious about your well-being. How you’re doing is still on my mind constantly, even if it has to simmer more beneath the surface than in pregnancies past.

You may be our fourth child, and our fourth boy at that, but you are uniquely and wonderfully made and we can’t wait to discover who you are. You are as treasured and cherished as any baby has been, ever.

We all can’t wait to meet you!

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