New Year’s Resolutions for Kids — New Year’s Fun for the Whole Family!

Happy New Year!– Or at least, it’s almost that time.

New Year’s resolutions are a timeless tradition when the start of a new calendar year rolls around, but it’s not just adults that can participate. New Year’s resolutions for kids are a fun way to reflect on the year that has passed and prepare for the new year that’s coming.

2 Kids Doing Toasts and Making New Year's Resolutions for Kids
New Year’s Resolutions are a great activity for *after* all the party-hardying!

A Perfect New Year’s Day Activity for Kids

I think this particular New Year’s Resolution for Kids printable is very well-suited for a New Year’s Day Activity. After all, the kids are home from school and they’ve typically stayed up pretty late (and so have the adults). Anything to pass the time in a relaxed and meaningful way is a win in my book!

Throughout all of January, there will be so much talk of New Year’s resolutions, so this is a great way to ask your kids: What goals do you have for the upcoming year? You and your child (or children) can come back to this New Year’s Resolution sheet again and again throughout the year as a check-in and healthy reminder of those goals.

How to Download Your New Year’s Resolution For Kids Printable

  (*If you’re looking for a whole pack of fun New Years printables, check out the section below.)

New Year's Resolution for Kids Printable Mini Version
This is a smaller, low-resolution file, for website speed. The version in the resource library is a high-resolution, printable pdf.

For kids who can write, I encourage you to let them fill out the printable for themselves, with you providing as little guidance as possible.

One reason is that it’s fun to see what the kids come up with. Another, more important reason is that kids are more likely to take ownership of these resolutions or goals for the new year if they set them independently.

For kids who aren’t old enough to write yet, this can still be a fun New Year’s activity for them.

Ask the questions in their most basic form and fill in what they say. If you hang onto them (in their baby book or, in our house, that-pile-of-stuff-that-we-pretend-will-one-day-become-their-baby-book), it’s very cute to see what your kid have said over the years.

*Bonus: aside from being cute and fun, there are real benefits to having your kids set New Year’s Resolutions. You can check out those benefits , as well as some suggested resolutions according to child development experts here.

This is a low-resolution file of the New Years printable for website speed (the version in the resource library is full-sized). It’s updated annually with the correct date (although I don’t update this graphic in this post annually).

New Years Printable Bingo Activity for Kids

New Years Printable Activity for Kids
*The images in this post aren’t updated annually, but the dates in the file are! The current packet has copies for 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.




Grab my New Year’s Printable Pack!

Of course, there are other ways to extend the New Years Resolution fun!

My kids absolutely love doing these New Years countdown activities each year. We start the process at noon and continue it all the way until midnight (or until all the kids pass out, whichever happens first).

You can also grab these fun free New Years coloring pages to help you celebrate.

Happy New Year!

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    1. Hi Tiffiny,

      I’m so glad you liked it and that your daughter is at a good age to make use of it. I was just commenting to another reader (Callie) that some of my kids (5 and 7) are old enough to really get something out of making New Year’s Resolutions, but my youngest (2) will basically use it as a coloring sheet (or I’ll fill it out for him). It’s so fun when they can come up with the resolutions and ideas for themselves though!


    1. Hi Callie,

      I’m so glad you liked it — it really is fun when the kids get old enough to participate in traditions like this in meaningful ways. It’s still cute when you fill out these types of printables for the kids, but it’s a lot more authentic when the New Year’s resolutions come from the kids themselves. My oldest two are at that point (5 and 7). My youngest (2) will either skip the New Year’s Resolution activity this year *or* (because he HATES being left out of anything), I’ll write his resolutions for him and they will all revolve around sleeping well and behaving well haha.


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