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Whether it’s the holiday season, her birthday, or Mother’s Day, finding the perfect gifts for stay at home moms can be a challenge.

As a long-time stay-at-home mom myself, I’m here to give you some no-fail gift suggestions. Will she love every item on this list? No, definitely not. Individual preferences surely vary.

But I bet there’s something in here that could be the perfect stay at home mom gift!

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Comfortable gifts for the stay at home mom

This category is for the stay at home moms who like being comfortable. Before you say, “Wait, doesn’t everyone like being comfortable?” – Yes, but also no.

Some stay at home moms put a premium on getting ready for the day like they’re still in the work force. They say it helps them feel more put-together and ready to face whatever’s thrown at them. This category of gifts is not for them (see the last category for the best gifts for those stay at home moms).

For the moms who prioritize being comfortable (ahem, me), these cozy stay at home gifts will be winners.

Slippers or House Shoes

Most families with young kids don’t wear shoes in the house. But those tiny, floppy, ballet-style slippers kill your arches.

This is especially true if you’ve been pregnant several times and your body, especially your feet, is/are a little rickety as a result.

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I just got THESE slippers and I love them. When people stop by, they look like regular shoes. But most importantly, they have a firm bottom and arch support, so my feet don’t hurt.

I ended up getting them because they were priced relatively low for orthotic/supportive shoes. Traditionally, I’ve been into $10-$20 slippers like these, but I need better quality now that I’m pushing 40 with four kids.

Another option that I LOVE are these slippers. They have all the same supportive features, but they’re easier to slip on and off. Plus, they’re just super cute.

I put them on my Christmas list because the price point was a little high for me to just buy on a whim. This color is my favorite, but the pink ones are really cute too.

New yoga pants

Look, all those funny stay at home mom memes don’t lie: yoga pants are basically the sahm uniform. And they make a great gift for the stay at home mom in your life.

The catch is to get the right kind. You don’t want shiny if she likes matte, matte if she likes shiny, etc. Plus, not all yoga pants fit the same.

I suggest checking the tags on the ones she already owns for guidance. The ones with the holes that are wearing uber-thin? Yeah, they got that way for a reason: they’re her favorites!

When in doubt, these three yoga pants make the perfect stay at home mom gifts:
*These yoga pants with pockets

They’re under $20 and they have over 1,000 reviews. They also come in the cropped-pants version, though that’s not my personal preference.

*These fleece-lined/insulated yoga pants

If she’s always cold, she’ll love these. This is especially true if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your stay at home mama, since its winter time.

Or the best of both worlds: *THESE are lined with fleece AND have pockets!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

A space heater

This may seem like an odd gift for a stay at home mom, but bear with me. If she’s always cold, she may love this if you don’t have one already.

This is especially true if she spends a lot of time in a playroom that’s not well-heated. In our house, the kids’ toys are in the basement, but it gets really chilly in the winter.

(Unrelated, I also love to have the space heater in our bathroom because I hate being cold when I get out of the shower. If we didn’t have one already, this would be at the top of my gift list.)

The one we have has probably been outlawed as a safety hazard, but this one is super cheap with more than 20,000 reviews (4.5 stars).

Another gift idea in the same vein is a heated blanket. Stay at home moms rarely get to sit down, but a heated blanket can be the perfect gift for nap time (hallelujah nap time!) or unwinding on the couch after the kids are finally in bed.

Gifts ideas for stay at home moms who need a little quiet

Now that I stay home, there’s absolutely nothing I crave more than quiet time. I used to be a social butterfly, but now, nope! (Ever seen those stay at home mom quotes about how lonely it can be never being alone? They’re onto something…)

Now I crave ABSOLUTE SILENCE. Give the stay at home mom in your life that gift with any of the following ideas:

Ear plugs /noise cancelling headphones

If your favorite SAHM is particularly sensitive to sound, she may enjoy these. The real challenge is that, as soon as the kids see her put them on, they’re going to nag her constantly.

For that reason, I prefer ear buds. They’re much more subtle.

Ear buds

Look, I love hearing what my kids have to say most of the time. But a lot of the time, they’re just making noises that have nothing to do with me. I try to listen to podcasts while I pack lunches or make dinner, but with the kids around, I can’t actually hear anything.

That’s where a good set of ear buds can be priceless. These are a perfect gift for stay at home moms because they can get things done while still listening to music, podcasts, or frankly, anything other than the chaos around them.

If you’re looking for top of the line ($$$), these are amazing. They’re the best of the ear bud and noise-cancelling world combined.

If you’re looking for a more reasonable option, Apple’s are great. Not noise-cancelling, but still excellent — but they’re still quite pricey. Even at half the cost of the Bose, they’re definitely a splurge gift.

If you want something a little more economical, these little ear buds off Amazon are cheap and work great. Just know the battery life is relatively limited. I actually keep several pairs of them in different places so I have back-ups when mine die or get lost (plus, since they’re all the same brand, they’re interchangeable).

Good old-fashioned coupons are still a great gift for stay at home moms

Remember when you used to give your mom a coupon for a free hug or free car wash? Well, those fabulous gifts from when you were six are making a comeback!

Give the stay at home mom in your life a coupon for a girl’s night out, a night away at a hotel (ALONE), a concert, a trip to the salon – whatever. Anything you know she’ll enjoy that she wouldn’t do for herself fits the bill here.

The catch: You need to pick the activity, plan the activity, pay for the activity, and make sure it happens. Most moms (not just stay at home moms) are the taskmaster and calendar-coordinator for their families. The last thing they want is a gift that requires more work.

Do the planning for her and it really will be A GIFT. (These types of gifts are especially great for showing appreciation on holidays like Mother’s Day.)

The best gifts for stay at home moms that make everyday tasks easier

This is a category where you need to be careful. My husband always tells me about how his dad once got his mom an exercise program she wanted as a Christmas gift and it was A WHOLE THING in their household.

Meanwhile, I’m extremely pragmatic. If it’s something I want and will use every day, I’m thrilled to get it as a gift. Some of my favorite gifts have been a new vacuum, a dutch oven, and a gym membership (at a gym with child care!).

What I’m saying is: know your audience. If you think she’s going to interpret new pots and pans as “Get in the kitchen and make me dinner, woman!” — choose something else.

If you determine the stay at home mom you love would appreciate a practical gift, here are a few great ideas:


My parents got this for me last year for Christmas and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. My kids get my floors filthy every day. Between the dirt and grime they track in on foot and the crumbs and drinks they spill from the table, keeping the floors clean is never-ending chore.
pic of a tineco vaccuum is one of the best gifts for stay at home moms

I LOVE that this vacuum can clean all the messes at once. When my toddler recently dumped an entire bowl of cereal on the floor, this vacuum sucked up the milk, Cheerios, and left the floor sticky-less with just one or two passes.

It’s expensive, so at first, I was worried my parents may have wasted their money. Nope. Nope nope nope. I love it and want to marry it.

New kitchen tools

Has your favorite SAHM seen her kitchen utensils gradually disappear? Is she using the same spatulas from her bridal shower a decade ago? New silicone spatulas, tongs, and brushes might be a great gift idea. Does she regularly say, “I wish I had a ______”? *Insert food processer, new blender, standing mixer, something like that.

A few years ago, the Instant Pot was all the rage. Now, I’m hearing constantly how people can’t live without their air fryer. Perhaps she’d like to give one of those a try.

Gift ideas to power up the phone

I consider my cell phone my lifeline to the outside world. I feel lost without it.

When my battery dies or is dying while we’re out and about, it’s distressing.

I know some moms are super into turning off their phones and disconnecting. I think that’s great. But for me, if I can’t listen to a podcast or check my email during the 47,000 hours of sports practices I’m on-deck for each week, I get frustrated. (Plus, I now run a freelance business from home — err, the soccer field).

This back-up charger pack is a great gift idea for stay at home moms who are frequently on the go. It’s also perfect for a frugal mom who refuses to replace her current phone even though its battery is on its absolute last leg (guilty).

this power pack pictured is one of the best gifts for stay at home moms
We have this one and we love it!

We’ve also found it super convenient to have this for long days at amusement parks or sports games/tournaments, when there’s not ready-access to power and you really need your phone to stay in touch.

Just for fun and just because gift ideas

Stay at home moms, as a whole, are very practical. They manage a household and typically, they do so on one budget. That makes them very cost-conscious and less likely to splurge on fun things–especially for themselves.

Sometimes a nicer, higher quality item is the perfect gift for a mom like that.

A luxurious set of towels

A new set of extra soft, high-thread-count sheets

A really nice pair of boots (snow boots, dress boots, whatever).

The idea is to find something you know she’d like, but would never buy herself.

The perfect gift idea really comes down to knowing your person

Whether it’s your wife, daughter, sister, or even your own mom, knowing what to get a stay at home mom really comes down to knowing who they are and what they like. Even if you’re not sure exactly what things they like, knowing their personality can go a long way in coming up with the perfect gift idea.

I hope this list gave you a helpful jump start on choosing the best gift for the stay at home mom in your life!

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