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Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating, and nothing says, “Celebrate!” quite like funny Mother’s Day memes! So, grab your phone and get ready to screenshot these bad boys and send them to your mom. It’s time to thank her for everything she’s done for you with a well-deserved laugh.

Of course, beyond your own mom, be sure to send them to your mom friends. After all, no one can use a laugh quite like another mom in the trenches! 

These hilarious Mother’s Day memes are the gifts that keep on giving. 

(And when you’re done with these, check out this hilarious Mother’s Day message to mom from a grown daughter for another laugh.)

hilariously funny mother's day memes for mother's day text over a picture of a mom and daughter laughing
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Let’s start with some funny and true Mother’s Day memes that recognize what a crazy year+ it has been.

In some parts of the country, in-person school hasn’t really been much of a thing, making this particular meme from @MamasUncut seem especially appropriate:

meme picture with What moms really want for mothers day text over a kid getting on the school bus

And then there’s this meme. I laughed so hard when I read it because it’s embarrassingly true.

Once upon a time, I cared about screen time. Now, a screen is a contender for third-parent status in our household.

Tweet saying If I'm being honest, the iPad really deserved the Mother's Day card this year.
Credit: Difficult Mommy

So what should kids and partners get the Queen Moms in their lives for Mother’s Day?

Well, gifts and outings are nice, but that’s not what’s on most moms’ lists this year (or any year). As these funny Mother’s Day memes note, most moms just want some rest and relaxation.

funny meme about dad giving moms a break for Mother's Day because that's what they really want.

Don’t overthink it and definitely don’t waste your time browsing the internet for ideas. Here’s a complete list to help you out:a meme about funny Mother's Day Gift ideas, like a nap and being alone.In case you still have doubts, Lauren Lodder / Mommy Owl has plainly stated her desires, and the Mother’s Day desires of moms everywhere:

A hilarious mother's day meme about what moms really want for Mother's Day: A Break! The best Mother's Day gift ever!

And if partners and children don’t seem to understand a mom’s wishes this Mother’s Day, well, seasoned moms know how to handle that:A hilarious mother's day meme about getting your own gift for Mother's Day. The best Mother's Day gift is a hotel all to yourself and a break!

The saying does go, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.”

a funny cartoon meme of a mom making her own Mother's Day brunch
Creator: Unknown

What if your spouse is away or you’re a single mom? This funny Mother’s Day meme has a plan for you to get the peace you so desperately deserve:


Mother’s Day is especially important for moms of surly teens. Once the constant hugs and adoration of the early years wear off, moms need this holiday. As this meme aptly illustrates, teens (whether enthusiastically or reluctantly) will typically at least be nice for Mother’s Day.

a mom resting on the couch for Mother's Day while her kids are being grateful

Of course, any of our children’s attitudes or challenging personality traits are 100% from their father’s side…

funny meme for mother's day about daughters inheriting their mothers' attitudes

But moving on…               

Let’s not forget the more sarcastically funny Mother’s Day memes. You know — laugh at ourselves for some of our hilariously bad parenting tendencies.

Calling our children by the wrong name, for example…

In fairness, I have a lot of kids. I also have a lot of boys which requires regularly yelling, with zero notice, to save their lives. Expecting me to match the correct name with the child committing said deadly feat is asking a lot…

And of course, sometimes we lose our temper…

a funny meme about a mother's temper
Creator: Unknown

But whose fault is that, really? (Spoiler alert: it rhymes with “lids”)

But what’s the big deal about Mother’s Day anyway?

Why do mothers even need all this acknowledgement?

Don’t they have birthdays for that?

(I used to think that. You can read my apology for that in my sincere Happy Mother’s Day letter to my mom.)

This is why:funny mother's day meme showing what 10 cm dilation looks like

And of course, there’s also this:

Credit: Muddled Up Mommy

Annnnnd one more time, for those ungrateful children who need a reminder to write their mom a heartfelt thank you letter this Mother’s Day:

Seriously– Moms are real-life super heroes.

a funny mom meme with a woman dressed as wonder woman
Credit: The Dad

They do just about everything for everyone (sometimes all at once!).

And quite frankly, a good mom is just incredibly impressive:

Credit: Salty Mermaid Entertainment

But don’t worry. As much as moms may stress about motherhood, we know it’s all worth it… as this hilariously accurate Mother’s Day meme so aptly points out:
a hilarious meme for Mother's Day about it all being worth it

SO worth it!

In closing, this Mother’s Day, I wish you peace, relaxation, all the funny Mother’s Day memes your heart desires, and unlimited trips to the bathroom alone.

A meme that says Happy Mother's Day! and "May your sleep be plentiful, your meals be hot, and all your bathroom trips be solo."
Credit: Me, The Wild, Wild West Facebook Page

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. The one that’s most me…sleep for 9 hours, coffee and a break! Honestly, it’s been a hard year, we could all use a collective break. These were fun and cute, thanks for sharing the laughs.

  2. These sayings were hilarious! I loved reading all of them. I will have to share this post. I think we can all related to moms everywhere when it comes to raising kids! You gotta laugh some days!!

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