Easter egg fillers that aren't candy

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We love Easter egg hunts! Sure, it’s easy enough to just stuff them with some candy, but what if you want a better option? If you’re looking for Easter egg fillers that aren’t candy, you’ve come to the right place!

I love candy as much as the next person, and I don’t begrudge my kids sweet treats at Easter (or any other holiday for that matter). Still, with multiple Easter egg hunts and visits to the grandparents, I often try to find Easter egg fillers that aren’t candy to use at home.

Then at least one Easter egg hunt doesn’t leave them totally hopped up (see what I did there?) on sugar.

Here are some great ideas for candy-free Easter egg fillers that will still leave the kids excited about what they found!

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1. Money

My kids love finding money in Easter eggs. It’s a great way to use loose change you have laying around. We also try to use a few dollar bills here and there because that really ups the thrill factor.

2. Erasers

You can go with Easter-themed eraser packs like these or just your run-of-the-mill erasers you find at the store.

3. Mini-playdoh

Make sure you know the size of your eggs. These make great Easter egg fillers if you buy the larger ones, but they don’t fit in the smaller eggs. We like to mix in a few larger eggs in our egg hunt, so this works  well for us.

Two kids with Easter eggs filled without candy

(We also got a set of these jumbo Easter eggs from my in-laws. They can be a fun way to throw in a couple bigger items like Pokemon cards, full-sized play-dohs, etc.)

4. Sticker sheets

You can buy Easter-themed sheets (like these) and cut them into strips. You could also buy a roll of Easter stickers like this one and put one or two in each egg (one sticker roll will fill a lot of eggs this way).

5. Press-on tattoos

My kids LOVE press-on tattoos. Just make sure the ones you use for your Easter egg fillers are fresh. I’ve made the mistake of using some stale tattoos. They didn’t transfer well and ended in a lot of frustrated tears. Lesson learned.

(I’ve been eyeing this pack with glow-in-the-dark tattoos for our Easter egg fillers this year.)

6. Sticks of Gum

Obviously, this depends on how old your kids are. My oldest two are really starting to get into gum, so I like to put a single stick into a few eggs. I don’t fill too many eggs this way though because, honestly, my kids are pretty gross when they chew gum and I hate it haha.

If the younger kids find these eggs, the gum (or even the entire egg) mysteriously disappears from their baskets when they’re not looking.

7. Socks

I know this sounds like kind of a lame Easter egg filler, but they can be fun/cute socks. Plus, if you have really little kids, they don’t know any better anyway. They’re just excited to participate.

8. Finger puppets

We got our two year old these Paw Patrol ones for Christmas and they were a big hit. My older boys got a Star Wars set similar to this one that were also very popular in our household. Both sets would fit perfectly in Easter eggs!

9. Fidget spinners

10. Stamps

I prefer the self-contained, self-inking cheapos like these because you can get a big pack to fill a lot of eggs.

11. Hair ties or hair bows

This idea is just me trying to be helpful– we’ve never done this. I have four boys! The same comment goes for suggestions #12 and #13.

12. Nail polish

13. Rings, bracelets, or other jewelry

14. Movie tickets!

I know tickets nowadays are mostly electronic, but you can still create a little mock-up like the one below and use them as Easter egg fillers. (Feel free to use my template and print it out).

Ideas for Easter egg fillers that aren't candy

Just put the name of the movie in the middle and stuff it in the Easter egg!

15. Event tickets

Following the same line of thought above, you can create “tickets” to anything (the zoo, a museum, a performance, etc.). Here’s a sample you can use. Just print it out, write the name of the event on the back, and use it to fill your Easter eggs!

Event Ticket for no candy Easter egg fillers
Ideas for Easter egg fillers that aren’t candy

16. Bouncy balls.

I don’t know why, but my kids LOVE these. It’s probably because we’ve had babies in the house for so long, so I keep them locked up like contraband. They have to have special permission to get them out and use them.

17. Marbles

18. Sticky-feet / sticky-hand toys.

They probably have a more official name, but these are what I’m talking about.

20. Little figurines or animals

Miniature figures of Pokemon, Star Wars toys, My Little Ponies, animals, or whatever your child is into are great for stuffing Easter eggs.

21. Lego figures

Legos are always a hit around here, and the lego people, well… you can never have too many of those. They fit perfectly into Easter eggs and they sell them in packs. You can get a big pack of a particular theme your kid likes (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.) or buy a fairly generic set like this one.

22. Bath toys

Depending on your child’s age, you can use different bath toys as Easter egg fillers. Older kids may like bubbles or even bath bombs. Younger kids may like squeeze/rubber bath toys or bath crayons/markers like these.

23. Grow with water toys

Toys that grow when you put them in water are a fun twist for kids. They’re great candy-free Easter egg fillers, and they come in a lot of different varieties (for example, here are some water creatures and here are some dinosaur capsules).

24. Hatchimals

These things were all the rage a few years ago, and I think some of the fuss about them has since died down. I love these toys because they’re the only remotely-cutesy thing my boys like to play with.

They also come IN EGGS. Like, no egg filling is required. Just open up the package, hide the Hatchimal egg, and voila! Done!

25. Matchbox cars

These are timeless. In fact, my kids still play with some of their dad’s matchbox cards from the 1980s and 1990s. With a few exceptions (jeeps, vans, etc.), matchbox cars make great easter egg fillers because they fit perfectly and they’re durable.

Prices vary, but you can generally find them for around $1/car, which I think is really reasonable for filling an Easter egg with a toy.

26. Nintendo Switch games.

These games are shockingly small! If you have a kid who’s a little older, sometimes the novelty of an Easter egg hunt starts to wear off. Putting these in the eggs can be a fun way to get them excited about what they find too. Just make sure you hide them in a place that’s safe from the elements because those games don’t come cheap!

There’s nothing wrong with candy, but it’s fun to think outside the box a little. These candy-free Easter egg filler ideas will help you mix things up at your next Easter egg hunt!


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