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Filling an Easter basket for a two-year-old can be a little challenging. They’re at that magic age where an Easter basket starts to be fun and exciting. On the other hand, two is also pretty young. You don’t want to give a toddler five pounds of candy or toys with small pieces (hello, choking hazard!).

As a mom of four boys, I’ve been through this stage several times. In fact, this Easter is the last time I’ll have a two-year-old for this holiday (sob!).

Here are some great Easter basket ideas for 2 year old toddlers that aren’t candy, junk, or choking hazards!

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Easter basket ideas to help with your toddler’s fine motor control

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Depending on the size of your toddler’s Easter basket, you can use the mini-play dohs or full-sized ones. I like to buy packs of the miniature containers (like this one) because I also use them as Easter egg fillers instead of candy when we do our family egg hunts.

Water coloring books

All my kids have loved these. What’s great is you can reuse them again and again. You just have to wait for them to dry in between. For that reason, I like to have several on hand.

Unlike the traditional paintbox watercolor activity books, these are perfect for toddlers because you don’t have to worry about spills, stray paint, or washing the brush in between colors (a challenge for a 2-year-old). The only mess is water (hallelujah!).

If you’re looking for a middle ground, there’s also these paint-with-water books. They aren’t reusable, but they also minimize spilling and mess, since you just add water.


Easter usually comes right at the beginning of nice weather. Chalk is a fun way to get your toddler outside. It’s also great for their fine motor control.

2 year old with chalk from their easter basket

I like putting chalk in Easter baskets because I usually throw ours away at the end of the fall. After spring, summer, and fall in my boys’ hands, they’re usually pretty gross. Easter baskets are a great way to replenish the chalk supply for a new season.

Sticker books

My kids generally prefer “real” stickers, but I also like these reusable ones because they’re easier for little toddler fingers to peel off.

They also don’t stick to all the furniture etc. (which is probably why my 2-year-old doesn’t like them as much haha).

Board books

There’s a few Easter-themed ones that are really cute (like this Disney touch-and-feel or this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Easter – we’ve had them for years).

There’s also some good Christ-centered board books you can use to fill your toddler’s Easter basket (we have this one).

Paint with water “paintbox” books

These are the traditional watercolor paintbox books I grew up with. As I already said, I prefer the water ones because I don’t have to supervise as well. Still, these are fun and nostalgic, so we use them as well.

Kinetic Sand

This one… depends on your tolerance for mess. I honestly don’t mind kinetic sand or find it that difficult to clean up. This is the kinetic sand we use.

However, we were recently given the Crayola-equivalent in a birthday party favor bag and it was a NIGHTMARE. Whatever you do, don’t buy “Crayola Silly Scents Sand” — it’s 100 times harder to clean up than regular kinetic sand.

Useful toy ideas for your 2 year old’s Easter basket

Bubble guns

Toddlers love bubbles of any kind. Unfortunately, they can’t blow them for themselves and they spill 90% or more of the liquid.

My mother-in-law gave the boys bubble guns one year and even my two-year-old could operate it. The spilling was minimal, so bubble guns are now my preferred way to do bubbles with any kid under five.

2 year old playing with easter basket toy bubble gun

(The big lightsaber-ish bubble wands are fun, and they’re popular because they’re relatively cheap. Just know that the adult will have to do all of the bubbling because a 2 year old will spill it faster than greased lightning.)

A “Big Kid” Toy

As I just explained, toddlers love to do what their big siblings do. I sometimes use my 2 year old’s Easter basket to make it easier for his brothers to include him. If the bigs are into wrestling figures, my toddler gets a wrestling figure. If they’re into football Squeezy Mates (that’s what they all love right now), my toddler gets one of those.

First, the toddler will love it because he’s used to seeing his brother play with it. Second, if the toddler has a toy the other kids like/want, it will go over a lot better when I force them to let the little one play too. Third, when my 2 year old loses interest (and of course, he will), the older kids will enjoy playing with his Easter prize.


2 year old toddler with his Easter basket and brother
Did my two-year-old understand Pokemon cards? Nope! Did he love getting them anyway? Yep!

Snacks every 2 year old loves are perfect for Easter baskets

Apple sauce pouches

My kids all love Go-Go-Squeeze pouches–every flavor. I’m going to be purchasing them anyway, so I like to use a few as Easter basket fillers in my 2 year old’s basket.

Goldfish packs

For all the same reasons as pouches. They’re a staple in our house. Plus, ALL my kids like them, so I can put them in everyone’s Easter basket. Little kids like having what the big kids have, so this is a chance to put the same thing in my 2 year old’s Easter basket that his three older brothers get.

Raisins, nuts (assuming no allergies), yogurt-covered anything

Any reasonably healthy snacks your toddler likes are great for their Easter basket. Just make sure they’re shelf-stable.

In the end, whatever you decide to put in your 2 year old’s Easter basket will be a hit, so don’t stress.

Toddlers are generally excited by everything, so you can’t go wrong here. Still, I hope this list of Easter basket ideas helps make Easter with your 2 year old just a little bit easier!

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