Daylight savings time memes to make you laugh out loud with a tired mom and a clock

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Daylight savings time is hard for everyone, but it’s especially hard for parents. These Daylight Savings Time memes will make everyone laugh.

But exhausted parents who’ve tried cajoling a preschooler who’s “not tired” to bed while the sun’s still out? Or parents who’ve tried dragging a grumpy kid out of bed while it’s still pitch black? Well, they’ll get an extra kick out of these!

Whether you’re springing ahead or falling back, these Daylight Savings Time Memes have the laugh you need!

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Memes about the exhaustion that comes with Daylight Savings Time

I’ll start off with this meme created by yours truly. One day, I was listening to all my other parent-friends complaining about how the end of DST had totally wrecked their child’s sleep schedule. After a few days, they were utterly exhausted.

And then there I was, just having a regular old Tuesday. Why? Well, because my child was a horrific sleeper and I hardly ever slept. Like, ever.

daylight savings time meme about kids not sleeping

And thus was born my favorite Daylight Savings Time meme of all time. (–And one of my top five memes ever! For a few more of my favorites, you can see my post of hilarious Stay at Home Mom Memes).

Apparently, I’m not the only one. Twice per year, whenever Daylight Savings Time starts or ends, this meme makes the rounds again, garnering thousands of shares. So to you fellow parents of never-sleepers, I say, “Fist bump!”

This DST meme from Angela Anagnost-Repke has the same sentiments – enjoy that extra hour! PSYCH!

Daylight savings time meme about sleep

And one more time, in case you missed the point. THERE WILL BE SUFFERING!

daylight savings time meme about bedtime struggles
Credit: Mommy Wine Time

Memes about Daylight Savings Time making bedtime SUPER fun (not!)

Look, bedtime with kids is hard enough (in fact, I have a bunch of funny bedtime memes about that particular train wreck!). But bedtime PLUS Daylight Savings Time shenanigans? Woof!

One of the biggest challenges to falling back is that it gets dark at 5:00 PM. When it gets dark, you think it’s bedtime. You hope it’s bedtime. But… it’s not.

daylight savings time meme about how dark it gets
Credit: 21st Century SAHM

But you can dream, right? Honestly, that’s about all you can do–dream, hope, wish– for bedtime!

daylight savings time meme about bedtimes

If it seems like I’m focusing too much on those fall and winter days of early darkness, don’t worry. There’s plenty of bedtime problems caused by springing ahead as well!

DST memes about spring ahead
funny dst meme that says "If by some miracle you survive DST with kids, watch out for the encore -- it's too light for bedtime"

When you set your clocks forward, you should probably go ahead and get your blackout curtains ready too!

Memes about the exhaustion that comes with Daylight Savings Time

And it’s not just physical exhaustion — although there’s that, for sure! There’s also the frustration and emotional meltdowns from the schedules being off.

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Plus, let’s not forget: it’s not just the kids that are exhausted when Daylight Savings Time shifts roll around. It’s ALL OF US.

I do just fine and dandy during spring, summer, and fall. But winter? As soon as Daylight Savings Time ends and those clocks roll back? Not so good…

Daylight savings time meme about mental health
Creator: Unknown

I know a day is always 24 hours long, but they feel extra long when so much of our awake time is so dark. Or as Simon Holland put it…

Daylight savings time meme about the short days

Of course, some people love it.

Daylight savings time meme about the short days
Credit: Josh on the Radio

Just kidding. No one loves it.

I think the real challenge is how deceiving it is. You’re just going about your business, living your life, making it until bedtime.

But then, as this Daylight Savings Time meme so aptly illustrates, it’s not bedtime. It’s barely even dinnertime.

Daylight savings time meme about the short days
Creator: Unknown

If I’ve accidentally left you with a little bit of optimism about the whole DST situation, let me fix that before you go. This final meme comes to us courtesy of Her View From Home and it’s the positive, uplifting message you need!

funny Daylight savings time memes dst memes

So on that note — good luck and Godspeed!

Looking for more laughs? This site has an entire category dedicated to funny parenting memes, so definitely check them out!

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