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New Year’s Eve should be fun for adults AND kids

New Year’s Eve is such a fun time for celebrating! There’s no reason for kids to miss out on the fun. This free New Year’s Eve printable for kids is a great way to include your kids in the festivities and also reflect on the year that’s passed.

I love fill-in-the-blank printables like this because it’s so fun (and often hysterical) to see what the kids come up with.

All about my year in review new years eve printable for kids

What’s really special is seeing an entire year from a kid’s perspective. On New Year’s Eve, the last day of an entire year, it’s very clear that parents and kids remember things in entirely different ways. So often, a parent’s “top memory” for the year is something a kid barely even remembers (and vice versa).

Do this New Years Eve Printable Every Year

This type of printable makes a great keepsake! Don’t throw them away when you start cleaning up and organizing in January (like so many vow to do)! It’s so fun to look back on what the kids have written over a series of years.

If you have multiple kids, it’s cute to compare their different answers. It’s also fun (and heartwarming) to see how much more sophisticated your kids’ responses (and their illustrations) get over the years.

You should fill out a copy of this New Years Eve Printable WITH your Kids

The preciousness of what your kids comes up with is undeniable. Still, you should fill in a copy of this New Year’s Eve printable for yourself as well. Store them with your kids’ copies to look back on in the future.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in looking back on what you had to say, your kids will enjoy looking through them. Plus, they will enjoy you sitting down and completing the activity with them. So often, we oversee our kids doing these activities without acknowledging how much they want us to actually participate (and hey — this is WAY easier than “playing pretend”).

*This version pictured below is from 2020, but I update it every year (so if you download yours today, it will say 2022). But don’t forget to check back here next year, because I’ll post an updated version for 2023 as well.

New Year Activity for Kids Preview - My Year In Review and All About My Year
This is a low-resolution file of the New Years printable for website speed (the version in the resource library is full-sized).

Want more fun New Years Printables to do with your kids?

This New Year’s reflection activity is part of a larger New Year’s printable activity pack, that includes

*The Printable Keepsake Year in Review to reflect on the outgoing year (the one included in this post)

*A Printable Keepsake for making New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Activity Packet - New Years Activities for Kids (1)

*A New Year’s Bingo Game — including a cut-and-paste Bingo board and New Years Bingo calling cards.

New Years Printable Bingo Activity for Kids

*A Craft / collage reflection activity for the old year and the new year

*A headline activity to reflect on the year that’s passed (the packet includes two versions — one for older primary students and an easier, shorter version for younger primary students).

New Years Printable Activity for Kids
(This preview is from 2020/21, but don’t worry –the file has been updated for 2022/2023)

*A “One Word” activity for students to choose their word for the new year and explain why. This can be a personal activity or it can be part of a greater classroom display for the new year.

I will update this activity annually (for free). For your convenience, this file already includes the files for both New Years 2022-2023 and New Years 2023-2024. Each year’s packet is 12 pages long (so the file download is a total of 24 pages).


Grab my New Year’s Printable Pack!


Looking for even more New Years Fun?

Looking for more to do? If these activity packs aren’t quite enough, you can also grab these free Happy New Year coloring pages to ring in the new year with your kids!

Even better, turn all these activities and coloring pages into a full evening of fun by doing an entire clock of New Years Countdown Activities with your kids.

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  1. Thank you so much for the Printables regarding Kids New Years Resolutions! I think it’s a brilliant aid as I think my boys could really empower themselves to goals and hopefully this will encourage them not to be “bored!” My eldest said to me he felt life was boring and that was the reason why he didn’t want to come off his computer game. He would rather be in a virtual world which I thought was really sad. My sleeves are pulled up and I am wading right in to pull out all the stops.

    Kind regards
    From the UK

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      Thanks so much! That’d be great — I know my kids’ preschool teachers are always looking for fun and free holiday activities. We plan on doing these New Years printables with all three of my boys this year (even the one who can’t write on his own yet).


  2. What a cute idea!!! I’m pinning this for later! I always struggle with what to do with the kiddos on NYE!

    1. Hi Meredith,

      Thank you so much! Yes, I love these kinds of activities because it’s so cute to look back on them from year to year. For my younger ones, we do a modified New Years Eve with a fake Netflix countdown around 9 p.m. and sparkling cider. My oldest is finally old enough to stay up, so we will have him fill his out on New Year’s Eve and the littles will probably do theirs during the day.


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you! I think these activities are a great way to look at how much your kids (and their ideas, their handwriting, etc.) change from one year to the next. It’s also hilarious to see what the kids actually remember as the highlights on New Year’s Eve, because so often, it’s something completely random, cheap, and relatively unimportant (to the grown-ups).


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