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Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids. The decorations, the costumes, the candy — what’s not to love?! Anytime you can incorporate learning and literacy into a holiday activity, I’m all for it — which is where these Halloween bookmarks for kids come in.

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My son is pretty obsessed with chameleons, so I made him a simple chameleon bookmark and he loved it (and I do mean LOVED it!). I couldn’t believe such a simple thing was so exciting to him.

So with that in mind, I decided to pop into my design software and make up a few others for the upcoming holidays. They are super simple and you can either cut them out yourself or let your kids do it (or your students, if you’re using these in the classroom).

Preparing your Halloween Bookmarks

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For ours, I printed, cut, and laminated them myself (using my favorite laminator). I am a little Type A (like, so Type A that I have a little paper cutter at home and use it often), so and seeing jagged, crooked cutting lines would’ve really irritated me.

I prefer to let my kids do their cutting practice on things I won’t have to look at long term. If you’re more chill than me (most of the population is), definitely let your kids have at it.

I strongly recommend laminating your  kids’ Halloween bookmarks because bookmarks, by their nature, get moved around a lot. A simple piece of paper — even cardstock — isn’t going to hold up for very long. If you don’t have a laminator of your own, you can always make due with something like packing tape.

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Downloading Your Halloween Bookmarks


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