The fact is, laundry is a drag– but funny laundry memes? Well, those are fantastic! I’ve gathered some of the best, most hilarious memes about laundry from some of the funniest people on the internet – moms.

And their struggle is your gain because these laundry memes definitely bring the laughs!

17 hilarious laundry memes that will crack you up text over a washing machine
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There’s hilarious memes about how laundry never ends:

meme saying marriage vows should be more long-lasting than laundry
Credit: Mommy Wine Time

That marriage would definitely be built to last!

never ending laundry meme
Credit: Her View From Home

And just when you think you’ve finally made some significant progress… there’s more!

And there’s just no getting out of laundry duty, either — especially if you’re a parent. Sick? Tired? TOO BAD! Laundry duty is never-ending.

funny mom meme about laundry and doing it even when you're hurt.
Credit: Mommy Owl

Then there’s funny laundry memes that recognize the inevitable: You’re going to forget that laundry in the washer.

Or dryer.

Or both.

another funny laundry meme about leaving it in the washer

I have seen this hysterical pug laundry meme roughly 4500 times and it still makes me laugh every. single. time. (So thanks, Her View From Home!)

funny laundry meme about mildew in the washer

Ummm, sometimes? That’s my definition of success ALL the time!

Of course, there are other ways of dealing with forgotten laundry…

funny mom laundry meme in the washing machine

And if you ever do manage to get it all in one day, you should play the lottery because that’s basically a miracle!

More funny memes about laundry for moms

I feel a lot of things when I discover my laundry long-forgotten in the washing machine. Anger, frustration, irritation– but jealousy? Well, that’s a new one…

funny laundry meme about leaving it in the washer
Credit: Stamford Mommy

And folding laundry? Bahahahaha, that’s a good one!

I washed it.

Isn’t that enough for you people?! You don’t actually expect me to fold the laundry and put it away do you?

hilarious meme about putting away laundry taking 7 - 10 business days

Rather than put it away in drawers or closets, I put the laundry where it belongs: FIRMLY ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE.

funny laundry chair meme about never putting it away after folding

(Some of you may have a dedicated laundry chair instead. That’s fine too. As long as you leave the laundry to sit there, making people move inconveniently around it for an uncomfortable period of time, you’ve done your duty.)

But, as this folding laundry meme so aptly declares, if you are going to fold it, you better do it right:

folding laundry meme
Credit: Her View From Home

Then of course, there’s the hilarious memes about laundry solutions people come up with to stay caught up…

–Even if it’s just for a few days (or hours… or minutes…)

Really Funny Laundry Memes about it never ending

If issuing a prison jumpsuit for the week isn’t really your thing, there are other options.

For example, you could spend a large chunk of your day semi-naked, reserving clothes only for those times when they are absolutely necessary.

Like answering the door…

save on laundry by wearing less pants

The funny laundry memes about kid laundry, specifically, are some of my faves.

Once upon a time, I put clothes into the washer, added detergent, and that was the end.

Now that I’m a stay at home mom to four boys,  I spend 45 years “pre-treating” all the stains they manage to get simply walking from the house to the bus stop.

funny laundry meme about boys destroying their clothesAnother mind-boggling thing about kids is how much laundry they generate. For such tiny little people, they manage to rack up a massive supply of dirty clothes.

funny I hate laundry meme

But don’t worry –it’s not all bad news. Every now and then, the laundry gods will throw you a bone. 

That bone is called towels. Or perhaps blankets. mom laundry memes about folding towels

So while laundry may be lurking at the bottom of your to-do list, I hope these hilarious laundry memes will make that process just a little more enjoyable!

What’s your favorite funny meme about laundry? Drop a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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