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As a mom of three boys, Star Wars invaded my home about four years ago and never left. To date, we have thrown two Star Wars birthday parties, have 1.5 Star Wars Decorated bedrooms (one is also half superheroes), and own eleventy-billion Star Wars toys. If you’re looking for great Star Wars Birthday Party ideas (or really, any Star Wars ideas), I’m your girl.

My oldest wanted a Star Wars Birthday party for his fourth birthday, so for our party theme, we went with “May the 4th Be With You.”

On that note, all of these party ideas can also be used to throw a great May the 4th Star Wars Party for kids or adults, if you’re into that (if you’re scratching your head at this idea, it’s a pun on May the Force Be With You, and someone who lives and breathes Star Wars will definitely get it.

These easy and fun Star Wars Party ideas include everything you need to throw the perfect birthday party. From easy DIY Star Wars party favors and decorations, Star Wars themed party food (including free printable labels), and even a printable Star Wars word scramble to use as a party game –I’ve got you covered! #kidspartyideas #starwars #birthdayparties
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I threw all of these parties before I started this blog, so I wasn’t as vigilant about photographing things as I would’ve been if I knew I was going to be sharing them with you. I tried to scrounge up as many pictures as possible, but what I lack in photographs, I hopefully make up for in printables 🙂

To download any of the free printables you see in this post, please Click Here and the password to our Resource Library will sent to you. For your convenience, the same link is included at the end of the post as well.

Star Wars Party Food

For some of these party snacks, the connection to Star Wars is obvious. For others, the connection really relies on the label. I’ve included two versions of printable labels for you to use — a printer-friendly version and an ink-heavy (but more Star Wars-y) version.

Low-resolution photos (for website speed) of both styles of label are below. To download the high-resolution files, Click Here.

Star Wars food labels - black and whiteStar Wars party food labels - in color

Yoda Soda

This one was so easy, I almost feel silly writing about it, but the kids loved it. Take lemonade, add a drop or two of blue or green food coloring (depending on how yellow your lemonade is) until it’s the color you’d like.

I am normally a little hesitant about food dyes, but because the “Yoda Soda” requires so little, I just used the traditional food coloring drops we had on hand (If I’m making something that uses a lot of dye, or you’re just uneasy about them in general, you can try these all-natural food colorings).

The clincher: Label it! Put the lemonade in a drink dispenser and actually label it “Yoda Soda.” Without the label, it’s just a green drink. With the label, all of a sudden, it’s very cool to the kids.

I also labeled the water dispenser “Luke Sky-Water,” because why not?

Light Saber Pretzel Sticks

These are pretty easy to do, but they take a little time. Just get melting chocolates, melt them, and dip pretzel sticks into the melted chocolate. The deeper you dip them, the more they look like light sabers. Of course, that also means you’re using more chocolate, so you may want to adjust this depending on the age of your party guests.

The melting chocolates come in a variety of colors. We did light green and blue, for the Jedi, but you could also do red if you wanted to do Sith light sabers.  If you are particular about your colors, Wilton makes this handy little color conversion chart (that’s the only brand I’ve used, but there are many others and I’m sure they’re good too).

Star Wars Party Food - Blue and green light saber pretzel rods

The taller and narrower the container you use for melting the chocolate, the easier dipping is and the less waste you’ll  have. Shallow containers make it harder to adequately cover the pretzel sticks. I found a tall shot glass to use for ours (we are classy like that).

The easiest way to make these is to melt the chocolate just enough. If you melt them too much, it’s fine, but it will take way longer to cool and the chocolate will be much drippier (is that a word?). If you melt them just enough, the chocolate will be  fluid enough to cover the sticks smoothly and quickly, but it will cool faster.

As you remove the pretzels from the melting chocolate, twist them gradually to keep the chocolate moving into the uncovered areas and to prevent icicle-looking drips in the chocolate. Once they’ve cooled adequately, place them on parchment paper. The longer you hold the cooling light sabers, the nicer they will look when finished (putting them down on the parchment paper while still damp will smoosh the chocolate a little).

This really comes down to how many willing hands you have to hold the cooling light sabers vs. how much you care. Our Star Wars Birthday Party was for a four-year-old, so I held mine just long enough and then set them down. A little smooshing goes unnoticed by preschoolers.

Edible Ewoks

This one is even easier than the Yoda Soda. Buy a box of Teddy Grahams. Open box. Dump into serving bowl. Again, printing out the label is what really “makes” the theme here.

Pizza the Hutt

We also served pizza. Hubby and I debated labeling these as “Death Stars,” especially if we were willing to get creative with the pepperoni arrangement (and I included that option on the printable for you), but we went with Pizza the Hutt, mainly because Pizza Hut is my husband’s preferred pizza place — not mine –so this kind of cemented the choice of where to order from in his favor.

Star Wars Party Decorations

This is the part where I didn’t go too crazy on the homemade stuff. We didn’t have a lot of free time leading up to the party and Star Wars is a pretty common birthday party theme, so it’s usually pretty easy to find stuff in stores. We got a few Star Wars plates, napkins, and a tablecloth from Target.

We also ordered a few simple hanging decorations from Amazon (our Target was a bit picked over at the time). We didn’t have Amazon Prime back then, but now that we do, I order pretty much everything I can’t make myself for a birthday party from Amazon.

Most of the time, the costs are comparable, and even if they’re occasionally a little more, I would pay a gazillion extra dollars to avoid a trip to the store with my three young kids.

Two things that made for extra special Star Wars “decorations” were actually birthday gifts to my son from my parents. These two four-feet-tall figures provided endless entertainment, in addition to contributing to the festive atmosphere.

4-foot Stormtrooper and Darth Vader "Battle Buddies"
(Yes, the Stormtrooper is wearing a Home Depot apron in this photo. No, I don’t know why.)

Target used to sell them for a reasonable price, but I believe they’ve now been discontinued, so only options are Amazon and other third-party retailers. They cost a pretty penny, but I will say that they have held up remarkably well (we leave them in their original box-base because they’re sturdier that way and, since my boys like to engage in light saber battles with them, sturdiness is a must).

Star Wars Party Favors

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of party favors, but this seems to be a trend that’s here to stay. This time, I really didn’t mind because the party favors were cute, easy, useful, and cheap: Star Wars coloring books from the Dollar Store & Bubble wands.

For the month prior to the party, I popped by the Dollar Tree every time I passed and bought the four or five Star Wars coloring books they had on hand. After three trips, I had enough for each kid. They were cheap ($1) and I knew they wouldn’t go to waste like a lot of the little trinket-y crap you find in party favor bags. A kid can always use a coloring book!

Star Wars Party Favors - star wars coloring books

These large bubble wands, once a novelty, are available pretty much everywhere now. You can embellish them with a few light saber-y decorations if you have the time (handle/buttons), but I think they look like great light sabers exactly as-is.

Star Wars party favors - light saber bubble wands

If you’re looking for something even more authentic (but also more expensive), the smaller, actual light saber bubbles are fun too (see Amazon image below).

A neighbor also had some leftover Star Wars party favors from a birthday party she had to cancel (the poor birthday boy had caught the never-ending school-circulating sickness). These Star Wars Pez containers were a huge hit (Again, I didn’t take pictures –oops– so the Amazon inserts below will have to do).

Star Wars Party Games

We skipped this entirely. With a bunch of four-year-olds running around, plus siblings, that just didn’t seem like a good use of my sanity.

However, if we had done a game, here’s two I would’ve done:

Star Wars Word Scramble

For kids that can read, this makes a great activity (you can use it as a tame way to pass the party time or you can make it a competition for a prize). Now that my oldest is seven, I’ve done these with him and he loves them.

You can download (for free) two versions of the Star Wars Word Scramble party game by clicking here . One is easy (for early readers reading at a K or 1st grade level) and one is more difficult (probably best suited for kids reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level).

These can be resized, but they were created with a 5”x7” template in mind so you can ideally print two per page.

Star wars party game - Easy Star Wars Word Scramble
Star Wars Party Word Scramble – Easy
Star wars party game - More difficult Star Wars Word Scramble
Star Wars Party Word Scramble – More challenging

Pin The Spot on the Death Star

Draw or trace a Death Star, including the hallmark crater/spot, on butcher paper and hang it on the wall. Print out one or two little crater spots (basic circles are fine) for each party guest. Blindfold the kids and have them attempt to place their crater on the appropriate place.

If You’re Feeling Brave – Light Saber Pool Noodles

We attended a Star Wars birthday party where the kids got to create their own light sabers out of pool noodles, which was super cute. However, I’m raising three boys and it’s already a 24-7 frat-party-circus around here. I didn’t want to give them weapons too.

Star wars party game - pool noodle light sabers
You can make these light sabers ahead of time or let the kids make them at the birthday party.

Sydney, the blogger at Tastefully Frugal has a great tutorial here if you want to check it out. You can usually stock up on these pool noodles at the Dollar Store in early summer, or Amazon carries them year-round.

Star Wars Party Clincher: The Cake

I like to go big (as in, special) when it comes to the birthday cake. Before I had kids, cake-decorating was a hobby of mine. Their birthdays allows me the opportunity to revisit that hobby without feeling like I’m wasting time I don’t really have to spend.

Star Wars is such a common theme that you can get a great cake at Target/Walmart/Costco/BJs without a problem. Local bakeries and cake decorators are also usually pretty well-versed in special Star Wars designs. Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, here are two Star Wars birthday cakes I’ve made on my own, in just a few hours time, using fairly normal supplies you have around the house (except for maybe fondant, which most people don’t have laying around).

My hope is to write up a full how-to post on these (the way I did for this Easy DIY Elmo Birthday Cake) at a future date, but for now, here’s two photos for inspiration, if you want to give them a go on your own.

Star Wars Birthday Party Cake BB8Star Wars Cake - Chewbacca Cake

Star Wars Party Wardrobe: An Added, Fun Bonus

You obviously don’t have to dress the part for a Star Wars themed party, but it definitely kicks it up a notch. We got matching tshirts for the boys (there were only two at the time this picture was taken) and the grown-ups wore (non-matching) ones as well.

A family of four dressed in Star Wars Shirts
A family affair — Star Wars party outfits for all!

I hope you found these ideas and printables useful as you plan your own Star Wars Birthday Party. If you have any fun  Star Wars party ideas of your own, leave them for me in the comments! May the Force be with you!

*Remember to click here to be sent the password for our Resource Library, so you can download any of the printables from this post.

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  1. OMG, Daisy Ridley am I right? I saw her last night on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. She did this rediculously awesome Star Wars rap! It was off the chain!! Did you happen to catch it?

  2. These are some great ideas! I’ve already thrown one or two Star Wars parties in the past, but with two Star Wars loving boys I can foresee another couple in the future. I’ll definitely use some of these !

    1. Hi Brooke,

      That’s so funny because I have also thrown two Star Wars parties so far and I am confident that more are on the horizon (I am pregnant with our fourth boy!). I’ve also used the Star Wars Word Scramble at random just to pass the time with the oldest.


    1. Hi Mamie,

      I think the love for Star Wars is universal, especially among boys. My kids seem to really hit peak-Star Wars around age four, so we’ve thrown two Star Wars birthday parties so far and I have a feeling we’ll end up throwing a few more before all four of my boys are grown.


  3. Wow, what great ideas for a Star Wars themed party for kids. I love the light saber pretzels and those cakes are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      Thanks so much! I will admit, while I could take or leave Star Wars in general (and I get *really* tired of playing pretend with Star Wars action figures), it has been really fun to plan both Star Wars birthday parties. Chances are, with our fourth boy still on the way, I may get the chance to throw a few more Star Wars birthday parties before they’re all grown.


    1. Hi Joyce,

      Thank you. The lightsabers are so easy to make and so cheap — they make a great Star Wars party food. The only things easier are probably the Yoda Soda and the Ewoks, because you literally have to do nothing but print the cute label. We’ve thrown two Star Wars birthday parties so far, but I have a feeling we’ll be throwing a few more in the not-too-distant future.


    1. Hi Rose,

      Thanks so much! Yes, we LOVE Star Wars around here– this is the second star wars birthday party we’ve thrown, and I suspect there will be several more in our future.


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