Easy and fun activities for 6 month old babies

As fun as babies are, when you’re looking at an entire day (and night) together, followed by another, and another, and so on, it can feel a little overwhelming. But don’t worry– there are plenty of things you can do with a 6 month old baby all day!

Six months is a great age for babies. Many of them start sleeping more reliably (hallelujah!) and, even if they don’t, they just get a lot more active and interactive. Here are 10 fun activity suggestions you can do with a 6-month-old baby!

(Feeling like this list is a little too active for where you are with your baby? You can always check out my other post on What To Do All Day With a One Month Old Baby!)

10 Fun And Easy Activities to do with your 6 month old all day

Sing Songs

Babies LOVE music! This is true of babies at any age, but at six months old, your baby will start to engage more with the music, which makes it way more fun.

Baby will start to smile, laugh, bounce, or maybe even clap when he or she hears music. I love the way babies move to music! There’s a rhythm to it, but it’s usually not on-beat, making it hilarious.

This is a great time to introduce more traditional “baby” songs – like Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Monkeys, etc. If you know the hand motions (or can make some up), even better. Over time, your baby will start to copy your motions too.

“Exercise” Time

What counts as exercise for your baby varies pretty widely at this point. Most 6-month-olds can roll both ways (back to front and front to back). Many of them can also sit independently, scoot, and maybe even crawl.

Of course, other babies are far less mobile at six months of age, with far less core control. That’s perfectly normal too. (If you have any concerns about what’s developmentally normal for your baby and what’s not, definitely speak to their pediatrician!)

Whatever stage your baby is in currently, give them lots of opportunities to practice. Put baby on the floor (or blanket, if you have chronic spitter-uppers like mine and want to protect your carpet) and let them move. It may not seem like much, but giving them the opportunity to sit, scoot, roll, etc. is so important that this stage.

Mommy and Me Classes

This is one of those things that’s just as much for mom as it is for baby. If you enjoy Mommy-and-Me-style classes, 6 months is a great age to get started.

Places like The Little Gym, MyGym, etc. offer weekly (or twice weekly) memberships or classes you can sign up for. They are typically 45 minutes to an hour and involve a lot of singing, hand motions, and sensory play.

But to be honest—the biggest benefit to these types of classes is for the parent. At this point, many moms, especially stay at home moms, are looking to get out of the house, change the scenery, and possibly meet other parents with babies the same age.

These types of classes offer you that opportunity while also being fun and engaging for your baby.

Of course, the paid classes at “kid gyms” are pretty pricy. (They make great gifts, so if you know a parent with young kids, definitely consider gifting them a month of classes or membership.) Luckily, there are often cheap or free alternatives available.

Many neighborhoods, shopping centers, or libraries offer these types of class activities for free. Check your library’s website and/or bulletin boards for flyers and details.

I know in my area, you can sign up on the library’s website in advance for twice-monthly “Music and Movement” class. I don’t do them that often now, with baby #4, but when I had my first, we did them a lot because I didn’t know any other moms.

Of course, if you don’t enjoy these types of outings, just skip them! Your baby won’t be missing out on anything you can’t do at home on your own with them.

As I said, life with four is pretty crazy, so I hardly ever take my youngest to these. He still gets plenty of music, stories, and interaction at home and on-the-go as he’s being toted along to his older brother’s activities.

Playground Time – Mostly, Swings (if your 6-month-old sits upright)

Babies love watching other babies and kids play. The playground can be a very entertaining place, plus the fresh air is always good for you and them. This is especially true if you have a fussy baby. Sometimes outside time is the only thing that can really ease a nonstop crying spell (and keep you from losing your mind).

Activities for your 6-month-old at the playground will probably be quite limited. Sometimes there’s “mini”/toddler equipment, so you can help them “slide” down the baby slide.

However, the most popular activity for a six month old at the playground is definitely the swings! Most babies enjoy swinging anyway (just look at all the household swings available in the baby aisle). But swinging outside, while watching other kids play, is extra enjoyable for babies.

I often find my baby naps better after a playground outing too, so bonus for that!

If you want to avoid a wasted trip, scope out your local playground(s) before taking baby out. Some have ideal baby swings (over the head harnesses or buckles, small buckets and small leg gaps, etc.). Some just have the basic elementary-style swing, which obviously does you no good with a six-month-old.

Play with a mirror

Babies at this age are starting to recognize their surroundings more. As I said earlier, they really find other babies fascinating.

When your baby looks in a mirror, they may not realize they’re staring at themselves, but they still find it incredibly entertaining. This is why most infant playmats come with a mirror or offer one as an optional attachment.

The mirror in the car also starts to serve a new purpose. With a younger baby, you use it so you can see them. Now, they like to see themselves AND you in that mirror too.

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Blow Bubbles

Bubbles are great fun for kids of any age. Sit your baby in the grass (or on a blanket), blow bubbles, and watch Baby reach for them.

Or get one of these really simple (and cheap!) bubble machines. This will pay dividends for YEARS because my oldest is ten and still occasionally enjoys bubbles (and my 8-year-old still loves them).

Play peekaboo

Peekaboo is a classic baby game for a reason. Babies love the novelty of you “disappearing” and reappearing. They also love the excitement and expression on their caregiver’s face while the game happens.

You can also play peekaboo with things. Hide a stuffed animal under a blanket, unearth it, and squeal, “PEEKABOO!”

You can also get this peekaboo book. All my babies have LOVED it. My youngest is two and still enjoys it now as much as ever. Sometimes babies and toddlers have a hard time sitting still for story time, and the interactive flaps of this book (and the rhyme) really helps with that.

Play doh or Edible doh

Babies love to smush and squeeze things. A six-month-old is finally starting to be more deliberate in the use of their hands. As they learn that they’re the ones who actually control their hands, they love to play with different textures.

Play doh or an edible doh (flour, salt, water) are a great activity for babies in this phase. Just make sure you keep an eye on them. The play doh isn’t toxic, but you still don’t want them eating it like a snack.

Edible doh is “edible,” but raw flour has actually been linked to salmonella outbreaks. I still eat raw cookie dough with abandon (eggs, flour and all), but I wouldn’t let my six-month-old do the same!

Sensory bins (with 6-month-old-safe ingredients)

Sensory bins are another great opportunity to let your six-month-old explore different textures. Just make sure the individual pieces are safe – no choking hazards!

These bins with firmly latchable lids are ideal for sensory bins. Fuzzy pom pom balls like these are great if you’re going to watch your baby carefully (they could swallow them). If not, cheerios make a great filler for sensory bins. They’re fairly cheap and if baby eats them… well, they’re food!

Cut-up pool noodles are another great, cheap filler. You can usually grab them at the Dollar Store if you go between May and August. Again, watch Baby carefully though because they could break off pieces of the foam and eat them.

The perk of doing sensory bins with your baby is you can keep using them for YEARS. Just upgrade the contents as your baby grows– preschools and even elementary schools use sensory bins! They’re also great for teaching your child to self-entertain.

Of course, I’m not saying your baby will supervise him or herself. You need to be right there, just like any other activity with a six month old. But it sets the routine up for the future.

As your baby ages into the toddler years, you can gradually dial back your involvement until, eventually, sensory bin time becomes a self-directed activity. (hooray!) Independent time is a critical activity on my toddler’s daily schedule so I don’t lose my mind!

Go for walks

Kids of all ages enjoy walks outside. Walking is a great activity for a six month old because they’re starting to be more aware of the world around them.

As you walk, you can have your baby face you in the stroller or face out. Looking at you is nice because they can see your face and expressions as you walk. Looking out is also enjoyable because they can take in more of the world around them (with you still talking to Baby, of course).

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