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After quite the year, the festive season is finally upon us! Halloween kicks off three months of nonstop holiday celebrations in our house, especially this year. We are fortunate to have pretty mild weather in October, so I put together this Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable for my kids to use while we walk around the neighborhood in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

If it’s already really cold where you live, you could always drive around and let the kids check off their Halloween Scavenger Hunt lists from the warmth of the car. For us, I like to wait for a nice, clear evening when it’s crisp, but not too cold. First, because I’m a wimp about weather and second, because I want this activity to be fun. Nothing kills fun like a ton of kids whining “I’m coooooooold” two minutes into your scavenger hunt!

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Using your Halloween Scavenger Hunt Lists


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I created this Halloween scavenger hunt list for my kids after I took a run through our already-decorated neighborhood. (If you think that detail about my running is completely unnecessary, you’re correct! –But exercise these days feels like a Herculean effort, so I am telling anyone who asks, along with anyone who doesn’t haha.).

ANYWAY, since I had already perused the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood, I know that everything on our scavenger hunt list is available for my kids to find. Even so, I will still just tell my kids, “Check off as many as you can” rather than “Find them all” because I have four boys and I’m becoming an expert in anticipating my sons’ drama.

If your kids are older or less whiney than mine (most kids are lol), you could turn it into a competition. You could also tell the kids to keep hunting until they’ve found everything on the scavenger hunt checklist. You know your family best.

One nice thing about this Halloween scavenger hunt list is that you can reuse it in different places. Will will use ours at first inside our house and in our own yard. After that, we’ll use them in our own neighborhood. Then, if the kids want to do it again, we’ll take a ride to a different local neighborhood. Repeat as many times as desired until the kids have had enough or Halloween passes!

  (all in one pdf). One is a full-sheet, full-color version; one is a half-sheet, full-color version; and finally, a half-sheet, more printer-friendly version (no orange border/background). Because we’re cheap, we’re using the latter, but I also loved the look of the background, so I included both.


As I wrote on the Wild, Wild West Facebook Page, we are going all-out for every fall and winter holiday this year, and this Halloween scavenger hunt is just one way I’m trying to make the season exciting for my kids. We’ve also played approximately 57 rounds of Halloween Bingo, are currently constructing a Halloween piñata from scratch (be near, Jesus), and who knows what else will come up in the next few weeks.

If you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate Halloween, I hope you and your kids enjoy this Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

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