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Bedtime is the holy grail for parents, but it can also be one of the toughest parts of the day. Fortunately, there’s hysterically funny bedtime memes to make the bedtime routine go down easier!

Whether you have a kid who hits the hay easily or one who hilariously resists bedtime with every fiber of their being, there’s a perfect bedtime meme just for you!

So save these memes to your camera roll or Pinterest boards and pull them out for a much needed laugh whenever the bedtime struggle is just too real!

15 hilarious bedtime memes to make parents laugh out loud printed over a sleeping toddler
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First, there’s the memes about the time before bedtime

You know how it is. Some parents like to settle the kids down. Maybe show a little cartoon and relax a bit before brushing teeth and shipping the kids off to Dreamland.

Annnnnnd then there’s the other parent.

funny meme comparing bedtime dads to superhero movie
Creator: The Dad

Of course, there’s another way parents can find themselves on opposite sides of the what-time-is-bedtime conversation.

I know, for me personally, most days I can’t wait to get our little *ahem* cherubs into bed.

Dad, on the other hand, seems more willing to let things linger when bedtime is concerned. I suspect it’s because I stay home with these kids all day while he’s working…

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In any case, I’ve definitely been known to make the Michael Scott crazy eyes at him, as seen in this hilariously accurate bedtime meme:

Funny bedtime meme about Dad delaying bedtime and being told "I'll kill you" by Michael Scott
Credit: Stamford Mommy

If the crazy eyes aren’t getting through to your partner, you can always text them that particular meme as a funny-but-serious threat to their well-being.

Now, let’s assume you’ve finally established that it’s actually bedtime.

Well, there’s a whole bedtime routine to go through — and yep, there’s memes for that!

Naturally, you have to read all the stories. Come hell or highwater (or your imminent decline from a sword to the neck), the bedtime stories must be read!

mom reading bedtime stories with a sword in her neck
Credit: The Decent Mother

Then there’s the conversations. Oh, the talk-talky-talking that takes place at bedtime.

It’s like your children have saved up every possible thing they could ever tell you during the day and released it all during the 30 minutes of bedtime routine.

(Which is actually pretty incredible, considering it often feels like all they do during the day is talk as well…)

Text of a long conversation between a six year old and parent at bedtime
Credit: The 21st Century SAHM

After your beloved has told you every possible thing about Pokémon. Or Minecraft. Or Whatever-Little-Girl-Talk-About (because at our house, it’s #nothingbutboys), it’s time for them to go to sleep.

Bahahaha just kidding. If you believe that, you must be very, very new at this.

Now it’s time for drinks of water. And more questions. And hugs.

Or, as my friend Meredith from That’s Inappropriate so aptly put it:

meme that says "At bedtime my children turn into dehydrated philosophers who need a hug"
Credit: That’s Inappropriate

And whatever you do, absolutely do not lay down with them!

(I mean, lay down with them if you want. Just know there’s like a 99% chance you’ll be falling asleep before your kid does.)

A funny bedtime meme with back to the future image and text above that says When you wake up after laying down with your kids to get them to sleep. What year is this?!
Credit: Mom. Wine. Repeat.

Okay, the kids are finally in bed. Success! Free time now, right?!


Because no sooner are they down than they’re back up again.

Bedtime with kids is like playing whack-a-mole.

Text "Actual photo of me putting my kids to bed" over a woman playing whackamole game
Credit: Me!

Why are they back up again anyway?

Well, as this funny bedtime meme aptly points out, it’s because they’re afraid they’re going to miss something exciting. They just don’t realize their bedtime IS the excitement.

Tweet that says "My kids don't like going to bed because they think exciting things happen after they're gone. Little do they know them going to bed is the exciting thing."
Credit: Jacanamommy on Twitter

But of course, we’d never tell them that.

And to be fair, I guess there is some excitement happening once they finally pass out.

Credit: Thatonemomblog (which I don’t think exists anymore…)

Now, the first wake up may not be that bad, but the later it gets… tick-tock, tick-tock.

text over kermit the frog that says "When it's past your kids' bedtime and they're still awake cutting into your me time"
Credit: Real American Dadass

At this point, you’re still telling your kids how much you love them, but… there’s a definite edge to your voice. Maybe some huffing and puffing and a little white-knuckling.

If you've never said "I love you too" in a way that sounds a tad bit angry, then you must not have kids you are trying to put to bed"
Credit: Meredith Ethington at Perfection Pending

Okay, the kids are finally down for real. Time for you to accomplish so much!

Okay fine, maybe not.

I'm going to get so much done after the kids go to bed. Me at 8:32 PM - written above Ana sleeping
Credit: Me!

Well, at least if you’re going to sleep now you can get some decent rest.

Or, once again, maybe not… As this hilarious bedtime meme from How To Be A Dad shows you, relaxing, restful sleep is now a thing of the past.

A sleeping parent's spirit preparing to be woken up any second in the dead *ss night by their toddler
Credit: How to Be A Dad

You now sleep in a state of suspended animation.

But your kids? Don’t worry, your kids are sleeping like rocks.

After all, they’ve stolen all of your sanity and are now wearing it like a cozy blanket.

how my children sleep knowing they have completely destroyed my house and my sanity written over a sleeping girl
Credit: Alright Mom

Of course, the peaceful sleeping meme above assumes you have older children who still sleep through the night.

If you’re co-sleeping with littles, well, you may appreciate Ramblin Mama’s take:

Tweet that says Friend: Why do you still cosleep? Me: Awfully brave of you to assume it's a choice.
Credit: Ramblin Mama

And not to worry, if these funny bedtime memes haven’t left you in a state of laughter and encouragement, here’s a final “uplifting” one from Fruits of Motherhood:

After a long hard day of motherhood at least you can look forward to a long hard night of motherhood too.
Credit: Fruits of Motherhood

I mean, if that doesn’t cheer you right up, what would?!

But seriously, if bedtime in your house is a struggle, just know that payback is coming.

One day, you’ll have teenagers! Then, you can enact your revenge for all your lost sleep by waking them up at 8:00 AM when they’d rather be sleeping until noon.

In the meantime, I hope you’re able to find some solace in hilarious bedtime memes!


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